Team Building Retreats and In-house Training Sessions

Team Building Retreats and In-house Training Sessions

“As a human resources manager in a large corporation, I observed or participated in a myriad of teambuilding techniques. Some were interesting and thought-provoking, and some downright ridiculous and insulting to our people. A few evoked feelings of fun and camaraderie but the long term effect was often transitory as people returned to their environments and relationships. In short, their thinking about themselves and their team mates had not shifted in any significant way and they eventually reverted to the status quo. More lasting and fundamental change only occurs through insight and a true shift in thinking and perception.”  A.G. Chipman, Vantage Consulting Group.

Vantage Consulting takes a “strengthening the links in the chain” approach to team building. Most of us have known one of those exceptional individuals who have a natural capacity to not take the opinions and actions of others personally. They listen deeply, without agenda, to colleagues, and are genuinely open and interested in their perspectives. They seem willing to forgive, drop negativity from the past and remain supportive of their team-mates. They are generally happy, understanding people and as such, enjoy almost universal respect.

Such people are often referred to as “naturals” implying that their positive nature is something mysteriously innate, something they were simply born with. Our contention is that every human being is born with the same “innate health”, which can be accessed via personal insight into the nature of thought and perception. Our trainings introduce principles that have the power to evoke such insight and allow people to see themselves and their colleagues from a whole new perspective, one which naturally promotes positive and healthy interaction. As it is their insight and their new perspective that drives their behavior, they are no longer dependant on techniques or models. As more individuals experience such a shift, the team automatically becomes more collaborative, creative, motivated and in effect, self-building.

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