Services for Individuals

The Power of Insight
Insights derived from deeper learning about the Three Principles have the effect of elevating our level of consciousness, and as such, generalize throughout our entire lives. We not only gain insight into specific aspects of our lives, we get to see the entirety of our experience from a new Vantage Place.

Personalized Two, Three and Four Day Programs
Programs are tailored to each individual.  Salt Spring is a beautiful, pastoral island; an ideal environment in which to experience fresh insight into this  powerful new understanding of the human experience and the nature of our true selves.  One on one skype or telephone follow-up is available as well as a regularly scheduled,  group conference call. We strongly recommend spending at least a day or two on the island before your program begins and perhaps that you extend your stay for a while afterward if possible.

One on One Skype or Telephone Consultation
This is the most cost-effective and simple way to engage our  consulting services. In the privacy and comfort of your own home or office, one on one skype or telephone consultation provides a vehicle for ongoing personal growth  and development for any individual as well as a great medium for follow-up to all of our other training and consulting services. We prefer individual  sessions to be one hour in duration but frequency and number of sessions can be  customized to fit your needs and schedule.


Please contact us regarding details, schedules and fees for the above-noted services.

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