We have provided consulting, training and coaching to organizations and individuals for over thirty years. We’ve served in a wide variety of companies, including manufacturing, retail, hotels and restaurants, as well as over thirty not-for-profit organizations. Our corporate clients report a significant increase in creativity and new thought, important shifts in key relationships and greatly improved teamwork.

Our Services

Our services, for individuals, for personal relationships or for organizations, are built on a simple foundation; all human beings are innately healthy and creative at their core, regardless of their current state of mind, and all are capable of seeing from a whole new Vantage Place at any given moment.

The Principles we have been privileged to share throughout the years have helped individuals find more peace of mind, happiness and success in their important relationships as well as increased creativity, motivation and satisfaction in their professional lives. Countless couples and families have found renewed love and joy in their relationships and our work in a wide variety of organizations has produced alignment, increased creativity, openness and collaboration.

We invite you to discover for yourself, principles that are the catalyst for your own insights into yourself, your most important relationships and an understanding capable of bringing more power, momentum and success to any human enterprise.


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