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The Vantage Place: an Overview

Our services for organizations are unique, in that they do not directly address any particular organizational issue or challenge. Our primary focus is on the “Vantage Place”, or the state of mind and perspective from which leaders, managers and the people that comprise any human endeavor view themselves and the environment they operate in. Experience with a wide variety of clients and cultures has consistently shown us that individuals (and as a result teams) have profoundly deep reservoirs of insight, creativity, ingenuity and motivation, which can at times be held back by limiting thoughts and perspectives. Obviously, individuals bring some of those restrictive perspectives with them when they join an organization and some are acquired as they experience its culture. The fact that people have distinctly different experiences with a given work setting simply points to the fact that perception is always a combination of both perspective (thinking) and environment.

The powerful fact at the nucleus of our work with organizations and individuals is that all personal perspectives, whether positive and expansive or negative and restrictive, are rooted in and generated by thought. Our training programs, retreats and consulting services introduce a simple but powerful understanding that has the capacity to evoke in people, their own insights into the principle of thought; allowing them to see themselves, their colleagues and their work environment from a totally new vantage place. This new perspective is by nature more rooted in the present and less tethered to the past. It helps colleagues see each other in a fresh light, and in doing so, greatly improves relationships, listening and communication. It increases creativity, innovation and ingenuity by helping people break with cyclical and repetitive thinking to experience more new and original thought.

Services for Organizations

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