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Relationship Services (for couples, families and other key relationships)

One of the most frequently reported and powerful outcomes from learning about the Three Principles are swift and fundamental improvements in relationships. In all of our trainings, whether in the board room of a corporation or the bleak and barren classrooms of a Florida prison, the changes people most often share first, regardless of program goals, are those they experience in their relationships with family and partners. This is only natural; they are the most important people in our lives.

It was, after all, the profound changes in our own personal lives, especially our marriage that inspired us to make the Principles the foundation of our work with people and organizations. Closest to our hearts though, is the time we spend with couples who may have lost their way in their relationship or become mired in negative thoughts and feelings about each other. They are having the same experience we were living when we met Mr. Banks in 1975 and learned about the principles through which we would reshape our lives. We love seeing people gain insights that have the power to bring them all the love and happiness they’ve ever dreamed of.

Our approach, as always, centers around helping each individual find a deeper understanding of the true nature of thought and the role it plays in shaping their experience and relationships. We continue to be in awe of the wisdom, common sense and compassion that arises from such explorations, and the capacity our clients have to find new starting places and understanding.


Personalized Relationship Retreats

Salt Spring is a beautiful, quiet, even mystical island, an ideal environment for rest, reflection and renewal. Sydney Banks once said, “There is an answer to everything”, and our experience with couples and families keeps re-affirming that truth. Join us here for an exploration of the forces and principles that shape our lives and relationships. Our goal, as Syd’s was for us, so many years ago, is that you find inside yourself, a deeper understanding of the human experience, an understanding that can bring the answers you seek about yourself and your most important relationships.

We strongly recommend you have a day or two on the island before your retreat begins, and that perhaps you stay and relax for a while after to let your new-found feelings and insights find firm grounding in the quiet that is Salt Spring.

One on one telephone or Skype or follow-up is available for ongoing learning and support.


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