About Us

At Vantage Consulting we know that transformative positive change is possible for anyone and that the resources that are the catalyst for such change lie within everyone. Through our training, consulting and coaching we share an understanding that evokes insights in our clients. Those insights help individuals experience more peace of mind and happiness, and inspire teams to operate in the most collaborative and effective ways possible.

A.G. “Chip” Chipman is president of Vantage Consulting Group. In partnership with his wife Jan, Chip has been bringing his Three Principles based, “In Service” human relations message to organizations, institutions and communities and individuals throughout the world for over thirty years. After a chance meeting that his wife Jan had with Sydney Banks in 1975, their lives where turned upside down as they learned about the principles he’d uncovered. They were shown a whole new world, an entirely new vantage place from which to view their lives, their relationships and the very nature of the human experience.

In the early eighties, as a Director of Human Resources, in a division of a Fortune Five Hundred corporation, Chip began to share his insights and understanding of the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought in the workplace, and to test the viability of using such knowledge to improve relationships, communication, teamwork and organizational effectiveness. He was not to be disappointed; in a heavy manufacturing setting with four unions and a long history of strife and mistrust, he saw his mentor’s discoveries and his own insights quietly drive powerful changes in individuals and then relationships, and he knew he had found his calling. Vantage Consulting and its mission emerged from that experience.

Jan Chipman is vice president of Vantage Consulting Group. She provides consulting and training services to organizational teams and communities and individuals. With a varied background in business, education, healthcare and community settings, she brings a unique and insightful knowledge of human relations to the table. Jan is a highly effective personal coach and trainer serving executives, managers and supervisors as well as individuals in their private lives. A consummate listener with unsurpassed one on one skills, Jan has helped many people find clarity and understanding in their careers and professional relationships, as well as balance and happiness in their personal and family lives.

As consultants, the Chipmans concentrate on developing the strength, resilience and insight of the individual. This strengthening of the “links in the chain” has a profound impact on the quality of relationships, listening and communication, all of which are fundamental to achieving strong teams and alignment. The principles they share have helped countless executives, managers and their teams find common vision, alignment, and a truly “In Service” approach to each other and the people they serve.

Although Vantage Consulting has primarily served in the for-profit arena, it has also delivered services to dozens of not-for-profit organizations in the helping professions, through training, board and staff retreats and ongoing consultation. From 2005 through 2008, they initiated and conducted programs aimed at leadership, staff and inmates of various corrections facilities including several drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. The rapid and dramatic success of this work inspired the Chipmans and a visionary Tampa CEO to assemble and train a team of practitioners (including former inmates) who then helped them found a not-for-profit organization that continues to serve and share the Principles in the Tampa bay area to this day.

Please visit our video page to listen to Chip’s Interview on Leadership.