Previous Retreats Hosted with Sydney Banks

Retreats Hosted With Sydney Banks

It was an honor and privilege for us to host many retreats over the years with Sydney Banks.  Here is a list of those retreats.

We welcome suggestions for future retreat venues.

1994  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

This retreat was attended by leaders from the hospitality industry and the petroleum sales industry.  The participants especially enjoyed the fireside chats and visits to the beautiful city of Victoria.

1996  Hopetown, Bahamas

The spectacular setting of Little Abaco in the Bahamas made for a very casual but fulfilling week for all who attended.   One couple were so moved by one of Syd’s talks that they had a deep insight about a struggling family member back home.  When they returned to their family, they had been so impacted by their exerience at the retreat, that the situation turned around completely for the better.

1997   Aspen, Colorado

This retreat was attended by executives and Three Principles providers from all parts of the United States and Canada.

1998  Torquay, England

The charming town of Torquay, on the “English Riviera”, in May, provided a wonderful setting for a group of leaders from several countries, including a manager from an oil company in the Middle East.

1998  Negril, Jamaica

The warmth of the Jamaican people, especially the staff at our hotel, made this retreat very special.  One of the local restaurant servers was so moved by Syd’s demeanor when he had lunch there, that she later brought some of her friends around to our hotel to find out what was going on!

1999   Oak Bay, Florida

Retreat for private company.

2000  Torquay, England

This retreat had more participants than our 1998 retreat.  Everyone enjoyed the locale, including trips to Cockington Village nearby.

2002  Longboat Key, Florida

Participants were from various parts of the United States, and represented corporate and not-for-profit organizations

2003   Salt Spring Island

With many of the participants from not-for-profits in Tampa, it was very enjoyable for us to introduce people to Salt Spring Island.

2004   Salt Spring Island

We enjoyed the setting at the resort on the North End of Salt Spring so much in 2003, we decided to come back again with some of the first group, as well as some new participants.

2005    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Attended by corporate and not-for-profit leaders from Canada, USA and Great Britain