Three Principles Fellowship on Salt Spring Island

A Three Principles Fellowship on Salt Spring Island

The October, 2012 Fellowship, is now ended. We have left the information below as a description of the Fellowship program.

In 1973, Sydney Banks experienced a spontaneous and eminently profound enlightenment, one which would give him, and eventually the world, a completely new understanding of the human experience. He immediately began to share the knowledge and insights he had gained from that mystical event with people on and around Salt Spring Island. Those who listened experienced unparalleled positive change and found so much health and happiness in their lives, that it attracted the attention of a number of mental health professionals who had somehow heard of these powerful and replicable outcomes.

Those happenings set in motion a sea-change in all of the fields that seek to understand the human psychological experience. Syd Banks had uncovered the underlying principles that transform those fields into a true science, one capable of relieving human suffering on a magnitude never before seen.

Those early days on Salt Spring Island were as mysterious and magical as Scotland’s mythical Brigadoon. It is difficult to convey the feelings of joy, discovery and awakening that characterized those times. They were in essence, the perfect environment or “fellowship” for learning about the true nature of the Three Principles and of our True Selves. There was a minimum of form and planning, but a great deal of simple, insight-based, deep learning. At times Syd would talk to groups and at other times he would encourage us to share with each other. One on one time with Syd was always spontaneous, unpredictable and powerful, even if he only talked about his garden and the joys of ordinary living. The peaceful life and beautiful surroundings that are Salt Spring gave us time for reflection, insight, peace and gratitude.

This fall, from October 8th to November 17th, we invite those who are inspired to be in service, through the gift that Sydney Banks left the world, to join us here on beautiful Salt Spring Island for a six-week fellowship in which we will explore and discover together, the true nature of the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. Our goal for this fellowship is not one of imparting a body of knowledge but rather the creation of an environment and a feeling that invokes insight and understanding in the participants and allows them to discover a deeper sense of their true self and their own unique voice with which to share and help a world in dire need. Participants will receive a certificate of completion, as well as an opportunity for practical experience, by volunteering to share their understanding at a session of the Three Principles School.

If you are interested in taking part in a future fellowship, please contact us.


Chip Chipman, President, Vantage Consulting Group, Inc.

Elsie Spittle, President, 3 Principles For Human Development, Inc.


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