What We Bring to Our Consulting Practice

Posted on Nov 18, 2017


Meeting Sydney Banks in 1975 brought about a complete turnaround in our marriage, our personal life in general, and our professional lives.

What we learned from Syd was that, despite of all the disfunction we were experiencing when we first met him, there was a completely new world available to us that we had been unaware of.

In the beginning, just hearing that this world existed was enough to create major, positive change in our experience of life.  As time went on, and we kept listening to what Syd was trying to tell us about our true selves, our horizons expanded, and we began experiencing one new world after another; each new world bringing with it more peace of mind and joy. We began to experience ease in all our relationships.  Opportunities in our work life began to appear, and brought us to our work with corporations, communities, not for profit organizations, and corrections facilities.

From the moment we met him, Sydney Banks saw something in us that we didn’t see.  When we meet with our clients, we are able to draw from what we learned from Syd, and help them find something in themselves far beyond what they could have ever imagined; something that can change their lives in the same way our own lives were changed and are still changing.