Understanding Change (and how our true essence can never change)

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

Understanding Change

(And How Our True Essence Can Never Change)

Insecurity is an illusion created by thought.  That was the first insight that Syd Banks had before he had the profound experience that is bringing about historic change in the field of psychology.  The introduction and understanding of three fundamental psychological principles resulted from one man’s groundbreaking insights.

Changes in life are inevitable.  Instead of finding change to be a threatening aspect of our lives, we can welcome it if we can understand that insecurity is thought.

Sometimes when life is going along according to plan and we are feeling comfortable with it, a change in circumstances or other people’s behavior can suddenly throw us for a loop.  Feelings of contentment suddenly go out the window.  We may suddenly be caught in the quicksand of judgmental thoughts.

If we can be patient with ourselves, and understand that we are just getting used to something new, we are more likely to be able to see the big picture again.  We begin to see that underneath all the fluctuations and movement in day to day life, there are still, peaceful, immutable constants; and those constant are the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which make up our true essence.

The hope and path to positive change lies in gaining a deeper understanding of these three universal principles.  When we tap into this understanding, not only do we find personal peace and contentment in the face of change; we become agents of positive change for all of humanity.