The Promise of Spring

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

In our part of the world, we are enjoying springtime, which is always such a special time of year. It is always awe-inspiring to see new growth appear from the ground and from the trees, from out of nothing. Each year we take it for granted, but when we reflect on it, it is truly a wondrous occurrence.

The gift of our very existence is something we often take for granted as well. Those of us who have been learning from the teachings, books, and recordings of Sydney Banks, sometimes speak of a beautiful feeling that may come to us seemingly out of nowhere. It is a feeling of peace, tranquility and love. This is the gift of Universal Consciousness reminding us of who we really are; of that pure self within that was there before our physical reality existed.

Often people ask why that feeling doesn’t stay with us all the time, wondering why we sometimes fall back into mental discomfort. Syd himself would always tell us that there is no answer to that. It just happens. However, something beautiful happened to us when we started to accept that. The feeling of joy and peace that we were trying to hang on to became less elusive and we began to experience it more often. After 46 years of listening to Syd, at first directly and then through his materials, we can honestly say that our lives are more replete with beautiful, positive feelings than ever. While life still throws us a curve ball here and there, it has become less and less scary or threatening. Our true self will never change or weaken. It is always there to anchor and guide us even though we, at times may feel “lost at sea”.

In our presentations and private sessions, we have shared that we read or listen to Syd’s materials at the start of our day before jumping back into the daily activity of life. He is speaking from that very quiet, contented and neutral place that we all want to experience. We like to let people know that that we turn to Syd’s original materials because because when we first heard Syd talk, it woke up something inside us, something so familiar, it was as if we were hearing ourselves. It was as if we were realizing the words of the wise when they spoke of how you can only find truth from within.

So, when people come to us looking for relief from mental discomfort, we do our best to remind them that they too have that something inside, something familiar, something that will always be there to guide them. Over many years, the results have been astounding when we talk with people and see them get a glimmer of hope. It is a joy to see more and more people’s lives change for the better as they rediscover this beautiful part of them that has been hidden away.

This is the gift that Syd Banks brought to the world when he discovered that beautiful place within himself and then unselfishly began to share it. How wonderful that it is a gift that keeps on giving through the precious legacy of his books and recordings.