Remembering Our Retreat in Italy

Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Our retreat in Italy this past May was a wonderful experience for us both, and from the feedback we got on the last day, as well as since, all of the thirty or so participants found something new in their understanding of the “true nature of the Principles” and in the end, of their own true nature. The feeling in the room was amazing from the very beginning because, this was a group that, in unison, seemed to want to learn more about the spiritual nature of Sydney Banks’ insights and teaching.

The participants were a wonderful mixture of people including medical doctors, people from the helping professions (therapists, social workers, educators, coaches) as well as business people and individuals who simply wanted to find more happiness and peace of mind in their lives. What they all had in common, was a love and a deep respect for what they were discovering in their lives, relationships and work as a result of encountering the Three Principles and the work of Sydney Banks.

The only initial concern we had was that we would be speaking through interpreters, as the majority of the group spoke little or no English. That quickly dissolved as we got to know our wonderful hosts Chiara and Alex, and saw clearly that they had a deep level of understanding and a heartfelt desire to bring the gift of the Principles to their community and the world. As we began to share, and they interpreted, a wonderful rhythm emerged and we saw people find deep feelings, insights and even tears of joy.  In that moment, we knew that this would be one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in this mystical journey that our encounter with Sydney Banks set in motion so many years ago on Salt Spring Island.

Our deep felt gratitude to Chiara and Alex, their team, and to all the wonderful people who shared so much with us both during the retreat and after. These are the kinds of experiences that make it all worthwhile.

With Much Love,

Chip & Jan Chipman