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Posted on Jul 25, 2014

A Quiet Mind and the Now

The Gateway to Our True Self                                                                                       


Finding a quiet mind and being in the now are inexorably linked. They are in fact one and the same thing because a truly quiet mind can only be accessed in the now; in a precious moment when the past and future cease to exist.  That moment is the instant in which true insight and original thought occur. It is where the “home” that Syd Banks so often spoke of is found. It is where we discover our true nature and the true nature of the Principles of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought.

For all of us, there are times when our personal minds are quieter and times when our thoughts seem to run away with us. We may know that being present in the moment is profoundly rewarding and helpful in life, but at the same time find it virtually impossible to let go of thoughts of the past or future. At times it can seem as if we will never attain that mental tranquility that is so soothing when it occurs. The truth is it is always only “one thought away”, once we get a sense of the direction in which to look.

Sydney Banks illustrated this fact with his ability to help people understand the true nature of thought and the role it plays in our lives. He did so by talking from a place and an understanding that brought beautiful feelings and a sense of calm to the listener.  When we feel calm it is because our thinking has calmed down. When thought subsides, we experience the now. The insight and understanding that are our birthright then move to the forefront of our minds and we find the peace we are seeking.

Please join us on our next teleconference series, “A Quiet Mind and the Now”, as we once again explore the true nature of the Principles and our own true nature. We will endeavor to do so with simplicity and in a way that demonstrates that beautiful feelings are more easily attainable than we “think”. We look forward to sharing this time with you and to hearing your insights and the impact of the Principles in your life.


Chip & Jan Chipman




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The calls will take place at the following times:


Tuesday, September 16th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, September 23rd, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, September 30th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, October 7th, 12 pm (noon) PDT


Participants may join the calls online or from their phone.

The cost is $150 U.S. for the series. We accept payment through Paypal.

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As our work is based on the philosophy and discoveries of Sydney Banks, we suggest that before joining the calls, you visit the Sydney Banks website at