New Teleconference Series Starting April 8th!

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

The Power of Insight

A Teleconference Series                                                                            April 8th – 29th, 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Throughout Sydney Banks books and recorded talks, you often hear him say that the Principles cannot be grasped by the intellect; that one must listen for something beyond his words; one must have an insight or realization.  He would encourage people to “listen for a feeling”; to “look inside for the answers you seek”.  Many of us in the beginning of our journey with the Principles found this very difficult to grasp.  After all, we have been using our intellect throughout our entire lives to learn and to try to understand the world we in which we live!  Syd however, was trying to show us that, deep within our consciousness, lay a deeper dimension of thought; a wisdom or divine intelligence that exists before the workings and relativity of our personal mind.

“Original thought lies deep within the soul of all human beings and is revealed by a true realization . . . or if you wish, an insight beyond the intellect.”  Sydney Banks, the Enlightened Gardner, Pg. 57. defines insight as “an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding” or a “faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth”.

Insight occurs when our minds are quiet; when we are in the now; when we look into the unknown.  Over the last 38 or so years we have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of beautiful people who have experienced transformational change in their lives after encountering the Principles and listening to Sydney Banks or reading his books.  Invariably, they would tell you, not that they learned to change their thinking or break their bad habits etc., but that they had a realization or insight that allowed them to see their whole world from a new vantage place and create an entirely new life.

Join us this April as we explore together in this next telephone series, the meaning and power of insight and realization and their role in bringing us closer to our true spiritual nature; our true selves.

Best wishes,

Chip & Jan Chipman

Please click here to hear a clip from Chip’s October 29, 2013 Teleconference Call

Registration Information


The calls will take place at the following times:


Tuesday, April 8th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, April 15th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, April 22nd, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, April 29th, 12 pm (noon) PDT


Participants may join the calls online or from their phone.

The cost is $150 U.S. for the series. We accept payment through Paypal.

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As our work is based on the philosophy and discoveries of Sydney Banks, we suggest that before joining the calls, you visit the Sydney Banks website at