New Teleconference Series Starting October 15th!

Posted on Sep 24, 2013


Listening and Presence

Our Connection to the Oneness of Life


A Teleconference Series                        October 15th – November 5th, 2013


Listening is hearing from the Impersonal in absolute neutrality.”
Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener Revisited


Dear friends and colleagues,

Our upcoming teleconference series “Listening and Presence” will focus on one of the most critical elements of the Three Principles-based consulting that my wife, Jan and I have had the privilege to offer to individuals, communities and organizations over the past thirty years or so.

There simply isn’t any greater joy than watching a person discover a deeper understanding of their own true nature along with the happiness, peace of mind and beautiful life that this brings.

For those who wish to serve others (or just enjoy happy, loving relationships), a deeper understanding of our true self, is the foundation for experiencing true rapport with others.  As we deepen our own understanding, we automatically increase our ability to be truly present; to see beyond the outer image.  The impact of this way of interacting cannot be overestimated.  Not only is it the key to helping others unlock their own wisdom, it is the catalyst for positive change in teams, groups and communities.

Please join us as we explore together, the power that “Listening and Presence” has to bring each of us more happiness and peace of mind and to serve others in the way that Sydney Banks has served us all.

Best wishes,

Chip Chipman


Registration Information


The calls will take place at the following times:


Tuesday, October 15th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, October 22nd, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, October 29th, 12 pm (noon) PDT

Tuesday, November 5th, 12 pm (noon) PST


Participants may join the calls online or from their phone.

The cost is $150 U.S. for the series. We accept payment through Paypal.

To register, please contact

As our work is based on the philosophy and discoveries of Sydney Banks, we suggest that before joining the calls, you visit the Sydney Banks website at