Happy Holidays!

Posted on Dec 13, 2022

Greetings to all!

At this special time of year, we have been thinking of all the beautiful people in our lives, including those we have met through our work.

Our lives have been, and continue to be, enriched by all those who have shown courage and love as they make their way through some of the challenges in life.

The holiday season has a way of opening up our hearts and allowing us to see more of the beauty and innocence in people. If it’s possible to see that side of others on some days and at some times of the year, isn’t it nice to know that we can see it anytime?

The holiday spirit is just the human spirit unanimously coming forth across the world; it is the heartbeat of humanity beckoning us towards peace on earth.

May that peace live in your heart this holiday season and throughout your life.

Love to all and sincerest wishes for a beautiful 2023.

Jan and Chip