Letter from the Chipmans, June 2012

Posted on Jun 12, 2012

Dear Friends:

We hope this little note finds you and your loved ones, well and happy.

Through the years, as we have shared our understanding of the Three Principles in organizations and with individuals, we have been moved by the many beautiful changes that have occurred in people’s lives. It continues to amaze and delight us how a simple conversation can draw out the wisdom everyone has within, a wisdom that evokes insight and brings joy, health and happiness.

In organizations, we see leaders find new levels of creativity, insight and vision while relationships and communications become solid and healthy. Individuals and teams begin to function and succeed in ways that make the workplace a joy to be a part of. Even more inspiring, is getting to see people extend that same learning to enrich their personal lives and relationships.

In the world of corrections and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we see over and over again how a single insight, from within, can show a desperate person a wholly new world. It’s a thrill to see a person find hope and success, not just to a degree that satisfies their conditions for re-entry into society, but that they actually become role models for their friends, loved ones and communities.

Perhaps closest to our hearts are the times we talk to couples who’ve lost their way in their relationships and gotten mired in negative thoughts and feelings about each other. They are having the very experience that we were living when we first met Sydney Banks and learned about the mystical Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. It moves us beyond words to see them gain insights into their own true nature, the true nature of thought and then find all the love and happiness they have ever dreamed of.

At this point in our lives, thanks to technologies like Skype and internet meetings (and the good old telephone) we are able to do a great deal of our work from our office on Salt Spring Island. Having the opportunity to talk with people who are facing challenges in life, and then seeing them find their own insights, peace of mind, success and happiness, brings us satisfaction beyond words.

We would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about our individual/couples phone or skype sessions.  If you or someone you know, would be interested in finding positive changes in a relationship or life circumstance, please contact us.  We are here to listen and learn with you.

Lots of love,

Chip and Jan Chipman,
Vantage Consulting Group, Inc.

Please see below, a few of the many comments we have received from clients over the years.

  • “Once again, (I’m) feeling incredibly grateful for the gift of this last call. Jan, I love the way you cut through the intellect and go straight to the truth, like a laser full of love and beautiful feeling. The story you both shared about the woman in the class at the jail was so magical and powerful. You are sharing at such a deep level, and it benefits everyone.”
  • “Thank you so much for your call this morning.  I appreciate your act of kindness and the time that you took out of your schedule to reach out.  Something in your voice triggered a sense of validation, relief and comfort that I have not often experienced since our son was imprisoned.”  
  • “I sure appreciated the time we spent together and how the coaching from the both of you changed my life. I have never looked at myself and or the world in the same way since our early meetings. “
  • “This month we will be having a telephone conference call with Chip and Jan Chipman of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Chip and Jan have been teaching the Principles for many years in many places, from international businesses to prisons. It is wonderful to hear their stories of hope. Chip and Jan have watched the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places change permanently when they caught a glimpse of who they really are.”
  • “It was a lovely evening for our group. Everyone was very quiet, listening. (Except when we were laughing, of course)! Thank you to you and Chip for sharing your stories and presence, and hints of how your own understanding is growing. I wish you could have been here for the satisfying conversation that followed the call–people sharing stories and insights that were right on. It’s one of the things I like the best–the genuineness that this brings out in people.”