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“Letting Go of Insecurities”, Audio Clip 3 now on Youtube

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Please listen in as we talk more about healthy, loving relationships.


Audio Clip: Keeping love and passion alive in a long-term relationship

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Please visit our YouTube channel to hear the latest audio clip

Enchanted Relationships: New Audio Clip

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Please listen in to our new Youtube audio clip for a taste of what we’ll be offering in our Enchanted Relationships webinar series and optional 3 day retreat in London.  To hear the clip, simply click on the link below:

New Event! Enchanted Relationships – Embracing the Gift of Love

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We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar series and retreat.

To kick the programme off, we are giving you the chance to have your relationships questions answered on our free webinar for singles and couples on 1st December. Join us by signing up here –

For more information about the full programme, visit:

We hope you can join us!

All the best,

Jan and Chip

Remembering Our Retreat in Italy

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Our retreat in Italy this past May was a wonderful experience for us both, and from the feedback we got on the last day, as well as since, all of the thirty or so participants found something new in their understanding of the “true nature of the Principles” and in the end, of their own true nature. The feeling in the room was amazing from the very beginning because, this was a group that, in unison, seemed to want to learn more about the spiritual nature of Sydney Banks’ insights and teaching.

The participants were a wonderful mixture of people including medical doctors, people from the helping professions (therapists, social workers, educators, coaches) as well as business people and individuals who simply wanted to find more happiness and peace of mind in their lives. What they all had in common, was a love and a deep respect for what they were discovering in their lives, relationships and work as a result of encountering the Three Principles and the work of Sydney Banks.

The only initial concern we had was that we would be speaking through interpreters, as the majority of the group spoke little or no English. That quickly dissolved as we got to know our wonderful hosts Chiara and Alex, and saw clearly that they had a deep level of understanding and a heartfelt desire to bring the gift of the Principles to their community and the world. As we began to share, and they interpreted, a wonderful rhythm emerged and we saw people find deep feelings, insights and even tears of joy.  In that moment, we knew that this would be one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in this mystical journey that our encounter with Sydney Banks set in motion so many years ago on Salt Spring Island.

Our deep felt gratitude to Chiara and Alex, their team, and to all the wonderful people who shared so much with us both during the retreat and after. These are the kinds of experiences that make it all worthwhile.

With Much Love,

Chip & Jan Chipman


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(The following is a translation of the original invitation published by our Italian hosts)


“When we look in the direction of our own true nature, away from the ups and downs of our personal thinking, away from endless analysis to that quiet and reflective state that lies within, we begin to see our entire experience with new insight, understanding and compassion. This is the “going inside” that Syd so often spoke of, and this will be the primary goal of this retreat.”

Chip and Jan Chipman

How we met Chip and Jan Chipman

During the 3P Conference in 2014 in London, we got the idea of creating the first international Italian event about the Principles, and we wanted to start with the Chipmans, who, during the past 40 years have been teaching the Principles; first in Canada and the U.S. and then around the world.

We decided to bring Chip and Jan to Italy, because of the wonderful feeling and the simplicity we felt listening to them. Through their stories and what they share about the Principles they allow us to enter that magical space within, where life starts flowing.

In that space everyone can touch and experience their own true nature and when we feel it, we are able to have insights that bring us from a world of chaos into a world of peace and clarity.

We are so proud to introduce you to the first international Italian retreat about the 3 Principles.


“Mind, Consciousness and Thought are the three principles that enable us to acknowledge and respond to existence. They are basic building blocks, and it is through these three components that all psychological mysteries are unfolded. They are what I call the psychological trinity.”

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

Deep within the soul of every human being, regardless of the current circumstances of their lives, lies an innate intelligence so powerful, so unaffected by experience or conditioning that it is capable of seeing life with all of its complexity and challenges, with compassion and deep understanding.

During the exploration of the 3 Principles you may experience:

  • 1) Less confusion and more clarity about what is important for you
  • 2) More calm and a peaceful mind with yourself and in your relationships
  • 3) Less stress and more lightness that guides you to change what you want to transform in your life
  • 4) A natural feeling of wellbeing without forcing you to be someone else
  • 5) The ability to do or say the right thing in the right moment with a feeling of comfort in every aspect of your life

“The lack of fluidity is just related to abundance of thinking”

Chip Chipman

When our mind is free from the abundance of thinking, what remains is our true essence: a core of freedom, effortless creation, wisdom, love and lightness.

Rediscovering your true nature is the purpose of this wonderful 4-day retreat.


At the beautiful and tranquil setting of the Touring Hotel in Rimini, Chip and Jan Chipman will share with us a whole new understanding of relationships, the world around us and the spiritual nature of life itself.

This is a retreat rather than a conference, with deep and impactful conversations, aimed at deepening the personal understanding of each participant.

As such, sessions will begin at 10:00 A.M. each day, but the length of the sessions will vary according to the needs of the group.

Time will be provided, in this beautiful setting, for reflection and the absorbing of insights and new-found understanding. There will be the space to chat individually with Chip and Jan or the Italian teachers, to allow you to have a very unique and wonderful experience.


Chip and Jan Chipman of Vantage Consulting Group, Inc., are human relations consultants from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009, they hosted many executive and couples’ retreats with him in North America and Europe.  For 24 years while in Florida, they served a wide variety of organizations throughout North America, from companies specializing in the hospitality industry to not-for-profit services, prisons and substance abuse centers.  They currently enjoy sharing their understanding of the Three Principles from Salt Spring, through teleconferences, one on one Skype and telephone sessions and with individuals and couples who come to the island seeking a deeper understanding of the Principles and their own true nature. They have seen countless people find happiness and flourishing relationships as their own wisdom emerges after being touched by the original books and recordings of Sydney Banks. Chip is President of the Three Principles Foundation and, in 2008, at the urging of Sydney Banks before his passing in 2009, co-founded, along with Elsie Spittle, the Three Principles School, which is dedicated to sharing the simplicity and purity of “The Three Principles as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks”.

This year the Chipmans will come to Italy for the first time and they are really happy to be with us at this retreat!


26-29 may 2016


€ 597,00 (vat included) very early bird price. Valid up to 26th of march 2016

€ 697,00 (vat included) early bird price. Valid up to 26th of April 2016

€ 897,00 (vat included) full price. Valid from the 27th of April up to the 26th of May.

To register, please click on the link below:

New Video Clip – “Going With The Flow”

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We are having a beautiful spring here on Salt Spring Island and hope you are enjoying some nice weather wherever you are!

Here is a clip that was made last summer here on the island.  We hope you enjoy it!

All the best,

Chip and Jan


Happy 2016!

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We hope that the new year brings you and your loved ones much love and happiness.  We look forward to announcing our upcoming events soon.

The retreat in London last October, Accepting the Gift of Love, was very successful, and it was a joy for us to meet everyone who was there.  We loved what people had to share at the retreat, and we appreciate all the heartfelt feedback we have received from those who attended. It was a joy for us to meet everyone, and we look forward to future retreats.

It warms our heart to see Sydney Banks’ vision being fulfilled across the world through so many dedicated individuals and organizations.

With much love,

Chip & Jan Chipman

Retreat with Chip and Jan Chipman in London, England, October 25 – 27, 2015

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Accepting the Gift of Love

(The Impact of the Three Principles on our Everyday Lives)

Every human being has unlimited capacity for the feelings of peace, contentment and harmony in life.  This is our birthright.  Although at times, our experiences in life can seem to block these positive feelings, it really doesn’t have to be that way!  It is much easier than we think to recognize and realize our true essence – that source within from which all life originates.

If you’re searching for happiness, if you searching for tranquility, if you’re searching just to have a nice, peaceful, loving, understanding life, in actual fact, you’re searching for your inner self.”  Sydney Banks

The Three Principles inform us and the field of psychology in insightful, even ground-breaking ways when it comes to the workings of thought and our personal minds. For each of us on a personal level however, the most profound and impactful secrets they hold lie, as Sydney Banks often said, in a “feeling” or “state of mind” that lies within each and every one of us. When we look in the direction of “our own true nature”, away from the ups and downs of our personal thinking, away from endless analysis and judgement to a more quiet and reflective state, we begin to see our entire experience with new insight, understanding and compassion. This is the “going inside” that Syd so often spoke of and this will be the goal of this retreat.

All you have to start to do, is to realize you are this superconscious state, and as you start to truly realize and experience the fact, then the superconscious state will turn around, and take care of you and guide you, and take you home to where you belong.

Sydney Banks

Everyone, regardless of the condition of their lives, has such an experience available to them. Please join Chip and Jan Chipman at the beautiful and tranquil setting of the Hunton Park Hotel just outside of London, England as they share how a chance encounter with Sydney Banks in 1975 helped them to “accept the gift of love”, find a whole new world inside themselves and, in turn, a life that they could have never have imagined or thought possible.. This is a retreat rather than a conference and is specifically planned to deepen the personal understanding of each participant. As such, sessions will begin at 10:00 A.M. each day, but the length of the sessions will vary according to the needs of the group.  Time will be provided, in this beautiful setting, for reflection and the absorbing of insights and new-found understanding.

Please note: For those who may not be able to stay at the hotel, participation as a day delegate, commuting to and from the venue, is most welcome.


Where:  a beautiful country hotel near London, England

When: Sunday, October 25 – Tuesday, October 27th

Hosted by:  Innate Health Center, Tikun




Understanding Change (and how our true essence can never change)

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Understanding Change

(And How Our True Essence Can Never Change)

Insecurity is an illusion created by thought.  That was the first insight that Syd Banks had before he had the profound experience that is bringing about historic change in the field of psychology.  The introduction and understanding of three fundamental psychological principles resulted from one man’s groundbreaking insights.

Changes in life are inevitable.  Instead of finding change to be a threatening aspect of our lives, we can welcome it if we can understand that insecurity is thought.

Sometimes when life is going along according to plan and we are feeling comfortable with it, a change in circumstances or other people’s behavior can suddenly throw us for a loop.  Feelings of contentment suddenly go out the window.  We may suddenly be caught in the quicksand of judgmental thoughts.

If we can be patient with ourselves, and understand that we are just getting used to something new, we are more likely to be able to see the big picture again.  We begin to see that underneath all the fluctuations and movement in day to day life, there are still, peaceful, immutable constants; and those constant are the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which make up our true essence.

The hope and path to positive change lies in gaining a deeper understanding of these three universal principles.  When we tap into this understanding, not only do we find personal peace and contentment in the face of change; we become agents of positive change for all of humanity.